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What Demand of the Times Does the Juche Idea Reflect?

The Juche idea emerged as the reflection of the demand of the Juche age, a new era in history that is fundamentally different from all of the preceding ages. President Kim Il Sung said: The present era is the era of independence when the oppressed and humiliated people have emerged as masters of the world […]

What are the Characteristics of the Juche Idea?

The characteristic of the Juche idea that is fundamentally different from all kinds of the preceding ideas, in a word, is that this idea is a man-centered philosophical thought. General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: The Juche idea is a new philosophical thought which centers on man. That the Juche idea is a man-centered philosophical […]

Giving Precedence to Political Work

The ideological remoulding is not for its own sake but to train people into more powerful beings to make the revolution and construction better. It is important not only to remould ideology but also to give precedence to political work, the work to mobilize it. Leader Kim Jong Il said: For a successful implementation of […]

Giving Priority to Ideological Remoulding

The principle of placing the main stress on ideology clarified by the Juche idea has two contents; one is to give priority to ideological remoulding, the other is to give precedence to political work. These two works are to place the main stress on ideology. Giving priority to ideological remoulding is to transform the people […]

The Main Stress Should be Placed on Ideology

The principle of giving priority to ideology is one of the important component parts of the guiding principles of the Juche idea. This principle is the guiding principle of the revolution and construction that enables the people to defend position of masters of the revolution and construction and play due role by enhancing their consciousness. […]

Methods Suitable to the Actual Situation

Leader Kim Jong Il said: The revolutionary movement demands solving all problems in conformity with the changes and development in the reality and the specific conditions of the country. Methods suitable to actual conditions have two contents. One is to solve all problems according to the constantly changing and developing conditions and the other is […]

It is Necessary to Depend on the People

The method of depending on the people is one of the important contents of the principle of applying the creative method in the revolution and construction. This method is the method that enables to solve all problems arising in the revolution and construction by mobilizing the creative strength and wisdom of the people. Why, then, […]

Creative Method Should be Applied

To make the revolution and construction, creative methods should be applied along with independent stand. Creative method is the fundamental method that should be depended in order to play the role of masters whereas the independent stand is the fundamental stand that should be maintained in order to defend rights and fulfill responsibility as masters […]

True Way to Self-defensive Military Power

It is by no means an easy work to build national defense which enables to defend one by oneself. However, we should realize self-reliance in defense in order not to be colonial slaves of imperialism but to lead a dignified life as full-fledged people of the independent sovereign state, though it is difficult. Then, what […]

It is Necessary to Keep the Principle of Self-reliance in Defense

In order to ensure independence and prosperity of a country, it is necessary to strengthen military power as well as politics and economy. The issue of military affairs is very important one concerning the destiny of the country. Those countries that neglected military affairs were subjugated, so the people regarded military affairs as the most […]

True Way to Economic Self-sufficiency

The Juche idea claims that in order to ensure economic self-sufficiency, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of self-reliance in economic construction, to develop the economy in a multi-sided and comprehensive way, to equip the economy with modern technique and train large number of national technical personnel, and to build one’s own basis […]

It is Necessary to Ensure Economic Self-sufficiency

Economic self-sufficiency is the guiding principle to implement independence in the economic field. To implement independence in economic field is important issue to consolidate independence of a country and ensure Juche in ideology, independence in politics, self-reliance in defense and provide the people with independent and creative life materially. What, then, does it mean to […]

The Correct Way to Political Independence

The Juche idea clarifies the most correct way to keep the principle of independence in politics. What, then, is the correct way? Firstly, it is to set people’s power, secondly, to build internal political forces, thirdly, to map out policies independently according to one’s decision with one’s own guiding ideology and exercise complete sovereignty and […]

It is Necessary to Keep the Principle of Independence in Politics

Independence in politics is the guiding principle to apply independence in the field of politics. To keep the principle of independence in politics is an important issue of decisive significance in realizing independence of the people. General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: “Maintaining independence in politics means upholding national independence and sovereignty of one’s people, […]

The Way of Establishing Juche in Ideology

In order to establish Juche in ideology, it is important to arm oneself with independent ideological consciousness and policy of one’s party. The independent ideological consciousness is the awareness of the master of one’s destiny and is the will to shape the destiny by oneself. This awareness is the understanding that one is the being […]

It is Necessary to Establish Juche in Ideology

To establish Juche in ideology is one of the most important principles to maintain the independent stand. General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: “To establish Juche in ideology means having the consciousness that one is the master of the revolution and construction, thinking and doing everything, centering on the revolution in one’s own country, and […]

The Independent Stand Must Be Maintained

General Secretary Kim Jong Il said: “If independence is to be defended, an independent stand must firmly be maintained in the revolution and construction. As the leader instructed, the independent stand is the fundamental stand that must be adhered to in the revolution and construction.” What is important in the guiding principle of the Juche […]

The Revolutionary Movement Is Propelled by the Decisive Role of Ideological Consciousness of Independence of the Masses

The Juche idea clarifies that consciousness of independence reflecting aspirations and demands of the masses plays decisive role in the revolutionary movement, and thus newly elucidates that the revolutionary movement, socio-historical movement which is a conscious movement is propelled by consciousness of independence. Leader Kim Jong Il said: β€œThe consciousness of independence plays the decisive […]

The Socio-Historical Movement Is a Conscious Movement of the Popular Masses

The principle that the socio-historical movement is a conscious movement of the popular gives an answer to the question of what is the motive force of the socio-historical movement as an important principle of the Juche outlook on social history on the basis of consciousness of the masses. Leader Kim Jong Il said: β€œAll revolutionary […]