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Society Develops with the Development of the Creative Role of the Popular Masses

The Juche idea not only clarifies that the socio-historical movement is a creative movement of the masses, but also elucidates the law-governed process through which society develops with the enhancement of the creative role of the masses, and thus gives a correct understanding to the development of the socio-historical movement, the development of human society. […]

The Socio-Historical Movement is a Creative Movement of the Popular Masses

The principle that this movement is a creative one of the masses clarifies the character of this movement as a major principle of the Juche outlook on social history that considered the socio-historical movement on the basis of people’s creativity. Leader Kim Jong Il said: “The socio-historical movement is a creative movement of the popular […]

Society Develops with the Intensification of the People’s Struggle for Independence

The struggle of the popular masses for independence to transform society, nature and man does not stay in one place, but develops continuously. As the struggle of the masses for independence intensifies, independence is realized at a higher level and human society develops onto a higher stage. Then, what is the law-governed process of the […]

Socio-Historical Movement is the Independent Movement of the Popular Masses

On the basis of the principle that the popular masses are the subject of social history, the Juche idea clarifies that the socio-historical movement is an independent, creative and conscious movement of the popular masses. This is the clarification of the essence, character and motive force of the socio-historical movement, therefore it becomes the elucidation […]

Leader Makes the People Independent Subject of History

In order to understand the development from the subject to independent subject, it is necessary to know what is the independent subject of history. In a new higher stage, the independent subject of history are the masses of the people who shape their destiny in an independent and creative way. In other words, it is […]

Korean-style Socialism, Juche-based One Embodying People-first Idea

This is the 41st year of “The Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” promulgated by President of Kim Il Sung. Our people celebrate the occasion amid the struggle for successfully building a thriving country under the leadership of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. This Constitution is the most revolutionary and popular […]

April 2014 KFA Travel Delegation

The Anniversary of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung

KFA Delegation to North Korea Now Available in April 2014 – The Anniversary of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung Travel Dates: April 12th-19th 2014 (8 days / 7 nights) The Korean Friendship Association (KFA) organizes a trip to the DPRK (North Korea) from 12th April to 19th April 2014 on the special occasion of […]

Extravaganza “Arirang” Closes

Extravaganza "Arirang" Closes

Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) — The grand gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang”, winner of Kim Il Sung Prize, closed on Monday. It was open on July 22 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War. It was watched by at least 1.3 million people from all walks […]

Okryu Children’s Hospital Opens

Okryu Children's Hospital Opens

Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) — The Okryu Children’s Hospital has been built in the Munsu area on the picturesque bank of the Taedong River. The six-storied hospital with a total floor space of 32,800 square meters has various curative and treatment rooms, operation rooms and sick wards furnished with latest medical equipment. The medical center […]

Kim Jong Un Inspects May Day Stadium

Kim Jong Un Inspects May Day Stadium

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) — Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, inspected the May Day Stadium to give tasks to remodel it. He went round the room devoted to the history of the stadium […]

Workers’ Party of Korea and Juche Idea

Kim Il Sung

President Kim Il Sung who embarked on the road of revolution for Korea’s liberation in his early years created the Juche idea in the course of going among the popular masses and leading the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle in reliance upon them. One of the starting points of the Juche idea is that the revolution in […]

What is Juche?

Juche Idea Tower

Korea is blessed with a great idea which enjoys unanimous support and sympathy from the world progressives. It is the immortal Juche idea fathered by President Kim Il Sung. The Juche idea, based on the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything, convinces the popular masses that one is responsible […]

The Origin of the Juche Idea by Kim Il Sung (March 31, 1982)

origin of juche idea

1. The Origin of the Juche Idea A progressive idea plays an important role in socio-historical progress. When the popular masses are guided by a progressive idea, they can be a powerful creator of history. Of course, it does not mean that all progressive ideas play the same role in socio-historical development. Their role is […]