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Mt Chilbo: The Most Noted Mountain in North Korea

Mt Chilbo in North Korea! Mountainous Korea has many celebrated mountains. Of them, Mt Chilbo can claim to be the most noted mountain. Embracing all scenic beauties of mountain and sea, it boasts unique natural scenery and is winning fame for the legend that it is called Mt Chilbo (seven treasures) as seven priceless treasures, […]

Solar-powered Ships Cruise in Taedong River

Solar-powered pleasure boats Okryu 1, 2 and 3 have started service from December 2016 in the picturesque Taedong River meandering through the heart of Pyongyang. Each 45 ton-class boat, 23m long and 6.5m wide, is designed to accommodate 50 to 60 passengers at a time and can sail at the speed of six knots an […]

100 Breathtaking Images of Beautiful Mt. Kumgang in North Korea

Resting Place in Lagoon Samil - DPRK

Mount Kumgang has been known for its scenic beauty since ancient timesand is the subject of many different works of art. Including its spring name, Kŭmgang (Hangul: 금강산; Hanja: 金剛), it has many different names for each season, but it is most widely known today in the Korean language as Kŭmgangsan. In summer it is […]

Pyongyang Folklore Park

[nggallery id=63]The Pyongyang Folklore Park, built at the foot of Mt. Taesong in Pyongyang, showcases the 5000-long-year Korean history, ranging from primitive age to present-day era. Leader Kim Jong Initiated the construction of the park, underscoring the need to build it on a basis of historicism. He indicated ways for making up its districts and […]

Kim Jong Un Enjoys Extravaganza ‘Arirang’

[nggallery id=38]Supreme leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea and people Marshal Kim Jong Un enjoyed mass gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang”, winner of Kim Il Sung Prize, together with Pyongyangites on Sunday. Among the audience were senior officials of the party, state and army Choe Ryong Hae, Hyon Yong Chol and others, chairperson of […]

Kim Jong Un Pays Tribute to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

[nggallery id=26]Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, visited the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il at the Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces to pay tribute to them on […]

Delegates to Celebrations of Youth Day Enjoy Extravaganza ‘Arirang’

[imagebrowser id=15]Delegates to the celebrations of Youth Day enjoyed mass gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang”, winner of Kim Il Sung Prize, at May Day Stadium Saturday. Among the audience were service personnel, people from all walks of life, youth and students, overseas Koreans and foreign guests and the delegates. The performance mesmerized the audience from […]