Our Mission At Korean Friendship Association USA

KFAUSA is a friendship based organization that promotes peaceful, diplomatic and cultural relations, economic growth, understanding, and friendship between the DPRK and the United States. We work positively towards the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, and to also educate others about the people and culture of the DPRK. We hope you take the time to learn the many wonderful things North Korea encompasses including it’s culture, people and history.

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DPRK Trade Cargo Ship Sets Sail!

The 5000-ton trade cargo ship Jaryok (self-reliance) set sail. Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un set forth a task on making a 5 000-ton cargo ship and named it in person. Workers, technicians and officials of the Ryongnam Dockyard built the Jaryok on the occasion of the Day of... Read more


Workers' Art Group Gives Performance

A performance was given by the Workers’ Art Group of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea at the Central Hall of Workers on Monday to celebrate the 5th anniversary of holding respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem a... Read more